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Folks who enjoy words and dictionaries may be heartened to discover that Merriam-Webster has finally recognized the existence of rude behavior such as waterboarding and put that word in their latest dictionary. Now you have official permission to talk about it. Well, it’s about time!

The description is as follows: suppose X was born last night. Parents of X have to go to the local commissioner’s office for registering the birth of their child. The office gives a birth registration form to the parents. They have to fill up the form, which contains fields such as name, date of birth, birth place, parent’s name, and nationality and so on. According to the information they (employees of the Commission Office) would create an ID for the child. The ID holder gets the ID before he/she appears for S.S.C examinations.

You may also stay home during your vacation from work, taking that staycation you’d been planning all along, since your pockets are empty due to the ol’ Great Recession that greatly resembles a Great Depression II. Oy vey! Next thing you know, Merriam Webster will be admitting that there are not only white collar and blue collar jobs (now that nobody has actually added a separate collar to their shirt at least since the Word Geek’s parents were born) but also green collar jobs to protect the environment. Oh, yes, indeedy! Progress is being made right and left.

Is the plan the government puts in place going to stop the continued flow and eliminate the ones here who will not comply? How many more years before this is settled and working?

Getting a passport in our country is a very lengthy and expensive process. One has to go to the passport office, fill up a form and then the form verification takes a long time to complete.

Children generally take many steps to get inside the rejected circle due to curiosity. But, there are many things that they are not supposed to do at least up to certain age. Drinking, driving and clubbing are some of them. In all of these three things one thing is common and that is must have of identity cards. This is the reason that looking over the huge demand of them, scam companies generates them for teenagers for a minimal amount. Children without understanding the adversity of it buys them from these scammers and ultimately falls prey to their wrong choosing. We need to stop all these bodies from generating fake driver’s license and check my blog for teenagers; and make sure that they do not spoil any more life in the name of earning money.

Al Snow was a professional wrestler. His gimmick was to walk to the ring while carrying and talking to a female mannequin’s head. The action figure also came with a figure of a mannequin’s head. After research was done, it was said that the selling of this action figure gave the message that it was OK to be violent towards women and the Al Snow action figures were pulled from Wal-Mart’s shelves.

Could you imagine having to go through bankruptcy while someone else is driving a car, partying on a boat, and running up credit cards in your name? Protection from identity theft is a must anymore and without it you could be the one out of four that gets your identity stolen.

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